What do you think about THIS Maslow's Theory?

isn't there an entire different way of looking at life regarding Abraham Maslow's theory of self-actualization?

if one doesn't feel loved, can they really feel [psychologically] safe?

needs fulfillment doesn't seem as linear because in the ONE moment we don't have one of these, it seems as if we don't have ANY of them. and visa-versa.
they could easily make a mirror of his theory by also turning it upside-down. THEN it would make perfect sense to me :)

Q: what do you think about this?

inshurance. yes, that's better.

why is insurance not spelled with an "sh"??
these are the type of q's that leave me anxious if I don't figure them out...

my mom learned to just make something up to relieve my inner curious george. if I have to do this about people, I come up with a game that fills in the blank with a positive.

we are all responsible for the stories we make up.

today's challenge: make something up for the positive if you don't know all the info regarding a person's motives.


make moves for the team

have you ever played a competitive game and someone on your own team did something that made you feel like they aren't on your team at all? if you did, you may have felt all the emotions and wonder why you were even playing. or perhaps you have done this yourself...

same thing happens in the home or at the workplace every day. we choose to be on the same team and before you even know it, it feels competitive and shocking.

today's challenge: make moves that are for the team. we are ALL on the same team in reality. ultimately, we share the same planet.


success or creativity

many of today's games reveal our current social values, just as the advertising industry connotes.

Have more. Do more. Be more.
[note: you don't have enuf. you aren't doing enuf. you don't already belong.]

today's challenge: reflect on the game of life you played today with others. tomorrow, live it as such: you already have enuf. you are doing enuf. you already belong.

the metrics of today's games

American board games were once focused on morals and now are about invented based on the metric of success.

Q: look at the board or video games you have at home. what are they teaching your children to measure?

annoyance can breed creativity.

isn't the slightest cramp of frustration nothing but a mask worn over extreme fury?

today's challenge: look inwards when you are annoyed. what do you really want? simply create it. you do have the power to do so.