portrayal of personal excellence

I was recently asked (by a book) what were the high points in my life. I began to think about who I was during those times...and what I was contributing to this world. a portrayal of personal excellence revealed itself, interestingly enough.

Q: what is one word that represents your contribution to this world?


John said...


Jessie said...

well, I know which John THIS is :)
and you are absolutely correct.

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Anonymous said...

What a difficult question! I've been mulling it first, the first word that came to me was "service," but that doesn't seem to encompass it. Then I thought "vision," but that wasn't quite it either.
I've decided on "perspective."

Anonymous said...

of course I am once again amazed by how you pose questions that challenge me to think. In turn, I asked several friends what they feel like their contribution to the world has been, and in short, it's been fascinating. Some of their responses have been: patience, change, (as in affecting or changing the lives of others) eclectic, progresssive, intelligence, reliability, fearless, souls (as in building up and encouraging other christians to continue their relationships with God).

It's funny how I pose this question and I am not quite sure myself. The thing is, it's not so much what word I would use to describe myself as in a characteristic as much as a word that describes my contribution to the world.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that "friendship" was my contribution to the world.