Find the Positive in the Negative

Learn how TRYING to turn negative thoughts into positive can result in wasted energy.
They say we should turn our negative thoughts into positive ones.

They suggest we should try coming up with a solution to our problem.

These are strategies that I say are simply the resistance of living core values.

Plenty experts tout the idea of positive thinking, goal-setting, and motivation building. As we know, this thinking holds a purpose in our daily lives. They get us to work on time, they remind us to brush our teeth, or bite our tongue when we want to say something blunt. From another perspective, they also can serve as our own worst enemy. [Read rest of article]


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessie. I would benefit from an example of "seeing the gift in negative language." Would you share one please?

Jessie Upp, M.S., R.C. said...

Surely. Thank you for your interest.

Often we communicate what we don't want. It's programmed in our brains to do so. Regardless if it starts out as negativity, a NEED is embedded in it.

"I don't like her!"...can be translated to:

"I want her to listen to me when I talk."

Please accept this as an invitation to teach your circles of INFLUENCE how to take responsibility for obtaining what they DO want! If you're interested in receiving a tool to do so, I have an online video I produced and share with those of influence.

Say hi anytime.

Jessie said...

I think that we just spent too much time to understand who we are and what we are doing here, to find the positive in the negative and to be successful. We forgot that happiness is inside us, and we just need to live this life in happiness.