Going Complaint-Free

Do you think it's possible for those around you to go complaint-free or gossip-free with your influence?

I say yes...and here's my invitation to do so.


Karin said...

To go complaint-free is a great challenge. At least in my own circle of influence, I can see an entirely different atmosphere coming of that, and in turn potentially a ripple effect that continues out! Of course, I will have to find the proper rewards/punishments for the non-complainers and the whiners :-) Any suggestions?

Jessie Upp, M.S., R.C. said...

You bring up a very interesting point, Karin.

Think about how punishments are simply a response to the complaint and this is not living into the purpose of going complaint-free.

See, the reactor to the "complainer" is just as powerful. Depending on how we react, we feed the complaint, or not.

The same goes for reward.

I suggest a different way of responding and really find out the needs of the complainer. There is ALWAYS a gift waiting to be opened - even for YOU! :)

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