Which way do you see this woman turning? Find out your brain dominance!

Look at the girl below:

Do you see the shadow of a woman above turning clockwise, or counter-clockwise? In the Australia Herald Sun, the arcticle states if you see her turning clockwise, then you use more of your right side of the brain (which means you are using the more creative side of your brain). If you see counter clockwise, then you’re currently logical & analytical, using more of the left side of the brain. If you look back at her at different times, you're just currently tapping into that side of your may change, or it may not!

I saw her spinning counter-clockwise and after I was told she can do either, she began to spin back and forth. I guess most people see her going counter-clockwise, according to the test. I wonder if people actually can't see one way or the other.

Click on the "comment" link below to share what you see. I'm interested!

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Erin said...

it doesn't say what u r if u saw it go both ways before reading.... si im an inbetween thinker???